a cup of nevermind

I have thought of a problem and the solution. The problem with the world nowadays, is that it is filled with billions and squillions of negative thinkers. People who tend to see the worst in everything, and never hope for sunshine after rain and thunder. People forget about the green grass, and instead focus on the dry brown ones. The bright sun and its purpose of shining down on us is blamed and loathed for the hot weather.

How about this, the next time you walk by the streets with no shed to protect your sweaty self, think of it as a music video of the song Walking On Sunshine. You know how it goes. I’m walking on sunshineeee, whoa-oh! I’m walking on sunshine and don’t it feel good! I know it sounds silly but you have to admit, the silliness of it all draws a smile on your face 😀 And what about the torrid rain? Well, who doesnt love playing in the rain? I know I do! Dance, leap, sing, twirl or twist, do anything and everything! Direct a sudden dramatic scene for all you care, you know you can never get water droplets on stage. Why waste God’s wonderful creations that are supposed to mean so well for the whole planet. Can you imagine if you got stuck in a draught? No water, dry land, chaffed lips, bad breath and oily unattractive hair. Eeww.. are you thankful now?

I know flies and mosquitoes are absolutely irritating but hey, they wanna live too. Youve watched those cartoons where they looked normal to us with their visible eyes and walking to us is flying to them. Theyre normal beings.. in sense of the Insects World. I cant say much cause Ive had my fair share of endless complaints about their existence but excuse you, Im all for positive thinking at the moment. Bear with me.

Weve all had gloomy days and whats a bigger damper than waking up on a rainy afternoon after a break up the night before? Sometimes the weather gets to me too.. but God is mighty and everything happens for a reason 🙂 But we also have days where we are happy for no apparent reason. And isnt that a nice feeling? We feel happy and satisfied and thankful and light and we smile all day and giggle for absolutely no reason. Ahh I love days like those. I get them a lot but it creeps people out sometimes. They dont catch my drift. *flatters eyelashes

I might not be the happiest girl in the world right now, but I am happy in my own way. I may not have everything I could possibly wish for but I do have enough to keep me alive and satisfied. Sure I wish ive already met someone good enough but while the clock is still ticking, theres still hope for me. Maybe it seems nonsensical to be so immensely in love with love.. but the way I see love is different than your point of view. Love has failed me before, yes. But love never stopped producing in my world.



Baby Fynx


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