Torn apart and broken

Wow. Life. What a roller coaster ride huh? Such a cliche thing to say, but who cares. I dont. Cause it cant get any truer than that. Life is beautiful, but god how it can be so.. heart wrenching. Sometimes I wish I could swap my life with someone elses. Other times im just endlessly thankful for all that God has provided me. I dont live a perfect life, but Im not living a miserable one either. When times are good, it feels like heaven on earth. And when its not, its not. 
Why the sudden emotion? After such a fun day, too. Well, when I start thinking and remembering, theres no stopping me. Id turn emoshit if thats what you call it. But truthfully its nothing like that. Im just another girl, wondering, questioning, figuring out, and sometimes, regretting
Where were you when i need you the most?  When i was having all break down and thorn apart. Where were you? I thought you were my comfort zone. But why did you leave me in all broken?
Where were you when i need, YOU?
you left me.

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