Get me back on track

I think all of us wanna feel something we have forgotten or turned our backs on. Because maybe we dint realize how much we were leaving behind.

I believe the time I had away really did my head good. The past couple of days, i have been filling my head with endless memories, questions and solutions to almost everything that has been bothering me, that matters to me.

I realized Ive been wasting my time on some things and some people, who I would not say are worthless but at the end of day, just arent worth anything to me. Maybe holding on to something for so long could only be a waste of space in my short living days. After all, time is golden. Time is everything. And time is running out. So why should I spend another day more of it on insignificant beings? I shall not, not anymore.

I have lost a lot, and some I wish I could have back. One, in particular. I really screwed up that one and I felt bad for losing it over something that does not matter anymore after all these foolish while Ive had. Not to mention how lately Ive been missing and getting flashbacks of it. I dont regret a lot of things because I hold on to the saying that everything happens for a reason and it wouldnt teach me a lesson unless it happens to me so I rarely look back to the mistakes Ive made but really, there are only two things I regret the most. The one I did almost a year ago and the one I did last December. If I could take it back, within a nanosecond I would. If neither of it happened things would have been so different for me right now. I could probably be happier than I already gratefully am. But a part of me dont really mind that it happened, because at least it showed me the truths of the world.

Obviously, we are all masters of our own mistakes. Some we learn from and will to never repeat again, and some we temporarily have days of repentance from but to only see ourselves doing it again a while after. And they all say the second mistakes are actually the choices you make. Well to me theres a few things I do not plan on repeating once more. I think Ive had enough of time to think and Ive made a wise decision that would measure up with my bright side.

I have a good feeling about this.


Im glad you are still here. With me.


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