All I went through led me to you. I know it isnt easy, I know we have our doubts. And sometimes I just feel like giving up and let it all flow down the drain. I know you probably think none of the risks taken would be worth the pain. I know I am indecisive. I know it may seem like I jumped into something without thinking straight. I know that I should probably let you go. But nothing in life is ever easy, nothing thats worthwhile can ever be easy. If we choose to walk away from heartbreaks every time, then we will never be moving forward. If we prefer the easy lane in this world, then we would just be alive – barely even living. If we can never come up with a final decision, then we would be stuck in a whirlpool of what ifs. And it’s not like I am rushing, I just decided to take a risk. Which I believe I did for a reason, because I have faith. And I allowed fate to take charge. We are growing up. We are naturally given the permission to make mistakes and have hopes and hurt ourselves – over and over again. How can we ever learn from something, if we do not go through it? And truth is.. I believe you’re worth it. Times are hard, it might not get any easier but I believe it is bearable. I knew what I was signing up for and I prepared myself for the worst, because the best of times would be worth all the catastrophe. After all the time that has past and the feelings never really faded, the paths that were coincidentally crossed and how it led to wonders – it must have meant something. I dont know where anything is going and the future, no matter if it is weeks or months from now may seem like a scary place where you would not wanna go, but I would. image You may think im like everyone else, but im not giving up on you. And right now, with every burdens and problems in my head, I just wish you were here more than anything else. Because, you have always the person I trust most.



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