A moment falling into your gravity

I could hear the clock ticking
And the sound of the fan whirring

It was a small space to be in
But I was solid as a rock
Like a statue, permanently glued

I heard a car racing outside
It was the same speed as my heart beating
I couldnt calm myself down
But there was nothing to calm down

I could feel my eyes were mist
Yet not a tear came rolling down
Maybe it knew it wasnt worth it

My head was filled with confusion
My feelings could not be sorted

I think I miss you, was quietly whispered
Not a soul could hear it
Just like how not one could fathom it.



I got all excited when the New Post page stared at me from the laptop screen. Ive been wanting to blog about soo many things for days now but whenever I get the chance to, I decide to procrastinate. In fact right now, Im doing the same thing. Postponing my thoughts on a blog. Guess im just not in the sentimental mood enough. But ah, ill come around to it soon.

So, i just came back from Bali and Jogja! Weee! You guys can check the album by clicking the picture below 👇👇.


P/s; dont you wish that sometimes there is a place You could run away to. Somewhere out of the world where no one could trace you. Away from people. Where the views great and the wind blows gently. Perfectly. Its good to get away from humans sometimes. Forget reality. Its like pausing the world yet you are still living. You would watch the sunrise and smile serenely to the view. Thinking a days ahead of you yet there is nothing to be worried about. I would personally have a blanket and a mug of hot chocolate in my hands. Surrounded by pretty flowers, just like in the movies. No problems to think of, just beautiful memories making way to my mind. Reality. I quietly escape from reality sometimes. It may be bizarre, but I dont really mind.


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