Hot hot Mexico Rejoice


Im happy with a good book and a cup of hot green tea without sugar.

Im happy with club house genre musics feeding my ears from my phone and texting with my brains only half functioning.

Im happy with my comfortable king-sized bed and being tucked under the covers watching silly cartoons.

Im happy with fast food lunch from a drive thru with easy-squeezed chilli sauce sitting cross-legged in the car.

Im happy with a piece of blank tissue and pens that merely contain any inks left.

Im happy staying up all night reading articles and journals.

Im happy with his texts in the morning, being the first thing I wake up to. Im happy that I can still hear my mom’s voice through phone calls

Im happy I could still read and laugh all alone while going through my family group’s conversations

Perhaps my life right now isnt a jumble of adventurous nights and drinking a glass of Jack Daniels or  Absinthe on a random Saturday night, but Im contented with this. I could live this way, until I have a job somewhere and got married or pursuing my specialty in oral and maxillofacial surgery. No, life never turns out to be like the ones you see on the big screen at the movies, but sometimes its enough. Its enough for you to find a reason to actually carry on with life.

Its enough for you to find reason to be thankful and happy.


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