Angelic advice for the devils

First and foremost, Congratulations to all my friends (including me! tee hee) who have passed the test. You guys have done a great job. I was a bit emotional this morning. Because i was upset that i didnt prepare enough for the test, and it has been two days i lack of sleep. *walk like a zombie to a zombie. So the reason i was mad is because some issue. I was mad to those who would do anything to make themselves happy and being ignorant towards others’ misery. God is wise. you are not alone in this world and you cant control your fate and destiny. But all you can do, is to be kind. Thats all. No matter how people treated you. Apologies because you do not want things to get worst and forgive as you are not perfect too..  

Those are still introduction. *badummmtsss so my point here is ladies and gentlemen, in any kind of situation, any kind of reason, any kind of mistakes , theres is no such thing that can give you a ticket to simply do bad things on others. Any kind of it. Physically or mentally. No matter how bad they are, do not put yourself with them. Do not ever try to sit with the devils. They can make your heart burn but you can have some step away from them and slowly throw a basin (perhaps two) of water. You know satan are made of fire *poof . GONE. Fin. Easy peasy. 

Just quit. Just walk off from people who can’t appreaciate you. Who cant see the beauty of you when they keep on judging your worst. They are not worth it. Never in a million years. I know its hard. Been there done that. 

Good luck.



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