Bigger than infinity

eleena ahmad

It took a while for me to dig up all those picture ive collected as many as i can. The first left 3×3 squares are during 1st and 2nd. You can see us holding bones and how FAT i was. Next 3×3 squares are 3rd and 4th semester. Below left 3×3 squares were duribg 5th and 6th. And finally, 7th till now pictures. 

I realised, when mama said ‘friends come first’ whenever I have some shitty moments back during high school , when I didnt even care what she said.. God finally gave me the proof. (Probably He wants me to tell the same thing to my children?) Haha. Took some time. But you see those pictures especially the last 3×3 squares. They were the ones who were there during my hardest and worst. From the beginning, it wasnt easy. Pasti gaduh. And until now. But, thank you so much for these two creatures as they have always be my mom, my dad, my ustazah (haha), my dietician, my diary, my counselor, my doctors, my annoying sisters etcetc. Not just me but everyone have witnessed how close we are. they are bad and good days we faced together but deff lesson learnt for us. If in future, whoever ask me, or perhaps my own family, who are they? I would say, they were the one who have always be my scrumhalf-ers when im having “rugby” moment. Rugby players sure know what it means. Hehe. So my post here are going to be in 3 languages. Haha. Indonesia, Malaysia dan inggresis

To diana, 

Terima kasih. Udah terima aku, kurang nya aku, gilanya aku, semua. Ada waktu kamu pasti sebel sama aku walaupun setiap hari ketemu, udah pulang juga ketemu.. Di Line. Haha. Tapi ga pernah kamu ngomong kamu udah capek atau udah menyerah temanan sama aku. Kamu ada waktu aku sakit, lagi nangis, lagi gembira banget, lagi marah. Dan ga pernah mengeluh. Kalau ada, pasti aku lupa. Makanya aku bilang, ga pernah. Kamu ada kurang mu. Aku juga ada. Tapi kita terima dan makanya bisa sampai sekarang jalan bareng dan paling lucu, kamu ngambek aku ga text sama kamu waktu libur. Haha. Maaf yah. Terima kasih udah nyetir waktu aku lagi perlukan dan sering percaya sama buruknya aku. 

To christine, 

You are like a sister to me. The wisest (not always ;p) when giving advices, the one who always never care about stuff i shouldnt do, you have your big-sister ego, the one who corrects me in everything and yeah.. More like a google. Thank you, aku ingat waktu kau rush pergi kos aku masa bank card aku hilang and kau tolong kasi aku ubat masa aku sakit. Ingat lagi? Segala kebaikan kau aku ingat. And kadang kadang kau buat aku panas, aku fikir balik apa kau da buat untuk aku. Thank you for accepting me although it was kindda hard at times. I knew. But you are the honest one who will tell every of my wrong doings straight to my face. It never a bad thing for me because what you always spit, became lessonlearnt for me. 

You both make my journey here becomes memorable, enjoyable, amazeballll, scumbagaball. Hahah. Everytime i see people walking out from my life, ive always thankful for its not both of you that has been taken. You guys were there during my hardest time (god how many times ive been repeating thiss) but also during my happiest. I never knew until I look back at thos pictures of us, and I remember how you both been waiting outside the Pathology department during my sidang. And hoping i pass my skripsi, thats the most memorable because there was none stood up for me and celebrate the biggest day of my degree life except  YOU TWO.  God can put me in hard situations but not losing my two good friends here. 

K.. Im so emotional because Im sad with my marks although I passed. And honestly I feel so stupid for putting my mental in such imbalance state until I couldnt fully focus on exam. I wont let this happen again. Trust me. 



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