Spotless Mind

Dont you love kids? Or babies? They are so adorable! They are like the most precious gift from God although you might sometimes felt the heaviest responsibility too.. But.. I can see how these little ones can bring a family together and how they can cherish everyone in the family. It is true that mama once told me, a child can bring a husband and wife closer; they can break the loneliness and boredom plus they are like a glue that strengthen the marriage bonds. Agreed. I cant wait to have one :’)

Okay that is just an intro. Howdy everyone! Phew! Im done arranging and throwing those unusable stuff. I cant wait for clinical years! Ive take the oath and will be in service on 2nd March next month. Yeay! Oh about the graduation! Alhamdulillah, also on the next month ; March 28 .. Honestly I cant wait to wear the cloak and the hat, and hugging my parents! As they were my inspiration from the beginning. Of course, if Lipas is happen to be here, I will definitely take millions of picture with him and cry…for never ever leaving my back 😗😗 thank you. It has been ages since the last time I saw him and glad we are still in contact. Im glad although he is busy and have tons of work to do, he is still has the effort to text me. ☺️ Im at the bottom phase of my life now with things going on around with my dad, my mom, my friends etc etc but like always, God is wise. He always give me something or someone to remind me how grateful this life is if I look at things with brighter side. Oops. Got to go! I have stuff to pack up. Ill be out of town tomorrow. Hehehe!



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