Time can heal and reveal

Newly weds, bachelor parties, a fancy way of asking a girl The Question. Signs of two persons getting together, creating something. The start of something new. They say we were born because we are going to be important to someone. I believe in soulmates, always have. Some people are lucky. They’ve found theirs at a very young age, which gives bonus time to spend it together, to learn about one another more. What is life without getting any love anyway. Personal love. As in a one-to-one thing.

We all need a life partner. No matter what age. Yes, we have friends. But doesnt everybody. Although I am not emphasizing on boyfriend/girlfriend. Not exactly. Sometimes all you need is a best friend. One ultimately close person you’ve got and is good enough as it is. Maybe the time hasn’t come yet for them, but soon it will. And I don’t see anything wrong with not having a particularly special person when you have a girl or a boy who is close to all that you need. Not when you’re happy with it. But of course, nothing beats having one person all to your own 🙂 I admit, sometimes I hate sharing. Teehee.

Do you notice when you fall in love, you start to become more selfish? In alot of ways. You start to want more time on your own with your lover and cut time with friends a little bit shorter than usual. You’d get jealous eventhough your partner was just catching up with a boy or a girl whom they know and bumped into by the streets. You don’t allow your friends to use your phone much cause you wanna save up for calling your special one. And the list goes on. I’m not saying it’s necessarily a bad thing. It goes by nature and it is just the way things are. But I can’t say I’m much like any of what I mentioned. Was just from my imagination of people. Makes sense.

Everybody needs the two to his/her one. How can we live without someone by our side? Its sad if you ask me. I hate how some humans are living in denial and think they’re fine on their own. Not even a few special friends. Sure you die with no one to cling on to but as we are living right now, this present tense, we do need someone to turn to. Someone to share a news with, no matter how small, someone to hold on to and having his/her arms around you when things get tough. We’re all a little vulnerable. A little insecure. We’re scared of the idea of being alone in this big scary world. Dont let your pride or your ego get in the way. Its not worth it. 

Learn to open up and let people into your life. Believe me, the outcome is worth it. It is hard. But like people always said, ‘time can heal everything’. I’ve been there before especially when I was so hoping he could be the one, but oh well, God knows best. My religion teaches me to believe in qada and qadar which is, fate and destiny. It has been planned well by The Almighty, I am very sure He only wants the best for me. Amin. 

For those who are already have someone they can always look up to and care for, appreciate your partner as much as he/she wants you in his/her life. You are so lucky to have someone who would think of you everyday, everynight and would be so excited everytime they talk about you and your relationship. Congratulations, you have made someone the happiest! You have shared your happiness with them and it will be continuous as they will share with others too. :’)

I’m hitting the sack now, readers. I have been sleeping early nowadays since I have so many things to catch up onto! From morning until evening with the same routine with Diana searching patients for our requirements. I cannot wait giving them treatments. I love helping those in need and the feeling when I get to see them smiling is…. indescribable! unexplainable! I hope I can be a good dentist and serve well for people besides inspire them to keep their oral health in good condition! Amin. 

P/s; For the first time he reminds me to take dinner! Omg!


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