Stars before the moon




I really dint want to start blogging again after my long absence in a melancholy mood, but I guess I am stranded with no other choice.

I pictured after graduation to be stress-free.
Id wake up later than usual, I wouldnt have to deal with breakouts, my hormones and period cycle would be back to normal, Id spend more time lazing around and reading novels and having my own DIY and craft time, and Id feel carefree and nothing would tie me down.
I guess my imagination at the time was incapable of being more realistic. Ha ha

But fret not, its not exactly like this for everyone. If you have yet faced graduation a.k.a wisuda, dont let this post scare you.
Your post-graduation would probably be much much better than mine. Well, mine for now. Mine for at least until everything (including the internship) is over.
Ah, yes.. thats what it is. 
Thats the cause of all these setting of alarm clocks, not being able to fall asleep peacefully, constant frowning, feeling like im at the bottom pit and struggling to put everything in order.
Who ever said dental school was gonna be easy. But I knew what I was signing up for.

But its not just the brain-wrecking internship, you know.
Its pretty much everything Ive been having to face and put up with.
Heartbreak after heartbreak, letdown after letdown, disappointment after disappointment.
Things have been disastrous.
Luckily, not all the entire time.
Im still blessed with my family, real friends and HIM who has helped me through alot.
Im still smiling.. and to me that is something.
Perhaps not enough, but nothing in life is ever enough for us normal beings. 

Dental school is over. I intended to write about that particular subject, but I guess ill have to put that on hold.
Just a few more days im going to Pacet for public health posting. Exactly 3 from now.
Stoked, I am.
Scared, I am.
Stressed, I am. 

Hoping that no one else is going through what I am at the moment.
And hoping that things would go uphill after all these is over.
And hoping for a year and half that would be worth all my hard work on that.
Pray for me, my little chums. 

Hugs and kisses, and sending hopeful vibes to all.

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