Hello earthlings!

First of all lemme start with…. Yes i have so many accounts! Not really… I have double twitters, Tumblrs and ig’s. But one of every of the accounts are for the purpose of not posting any personal matters. For this one – up there 👆🏻 is like a portfolio, or collections of photograph i took whenever I go. I love to see how beautiful every moments Ive captured and Ive always remember that, memories are not forever. But puotograph does. Our mind cant store everything, so do our eyes. We can witness the true beauty and share with everyone in the form of photographs. Nah.. Im not trying to be a photographer here. Haha. But this is how I collect memories that are worth to be kept for. Teehee

Second of all.

I would like to thank every readers and friends who have supported me in everything! Especially those who understand my current situations and problems. Thank you so much. I would not be this cheerful and craaayyyyzayyy  and loud and care freeeeee if its not because of these precious people ; diana, leeya, sinta, fallin, irrelevant eleven, faisal and of course, luqman arif. Thank you so much for being able to accept me during me hardest and toughest timealthough  some of you have no idea why I wasnt being the usual natasha. 


P/s; God gave stars when Sun decides to leave. 


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