Everyone wishes a fairytale in their life. We have our own goals and dreams, some might be still confused and dont know what they have for future and some are striving heart to achieve dreams he/she has. And that’s me.. The last statement. Give me 3 or 4 years from now-

1)  i see myself as a dentist. Working in government sector and private for part time. I choose to work with the government as i wish to help citizens and educate them more on oral hygiene with giving them high payment. 

2) I see myself traveling with my husband. I wish to get married before i am 27 because i do not want to get ‘expired’ haha. He is someone who is much much smarter, better than me. The one who would never get tired of my silliness and never bored of taking pictures of us. He will never pushed my hands away, he will always be the listener as I am not the type who can keep my problem to myself (he is the trustable one of course) and hug me without I ask for. 

3) I see myself in labor room (amin) giving birth to my first or second child hehe.  And there he is, my husband. Waiting patiently and so nervous yet excited to become a father. 

4) If that is my first child, I see myself working with baby bump and having holiday cause its hard for me to give treatments with big enormous tummy but i will make sure, i will not stop coming to the office and checking out my patients appointment.  

5) I see myself enjoying the evening air while sipping on a cup of coffee at the balcony with balinese or minimalist home style with my husband or perhaps, in my living room watching F.r.i.e.n.d.s alone while waiting for my husband to be back home. 
6) i see myself learning how to cook and improve baking while watching martha stewart show on tv. 

7) i see myself doing some DIY at my own art studio and enjoying my favourite DJs songs with headset.. Oops. Suddenly my husband came and grab my body to join him dance on the floor haha

8) i see myself sewing and knitting my own bedsheet and table runner

9) i see myself having holiday with my parents at Meccah and sponsored by me as mama has always wished to perform ibadah in Meccah

10) i see myself decorating my own house and paint my room plus making my own wardrobes that i learn from previous DIY website. 

11) i see myself watering the plants and flowers especially vegetables Ive planted in the mini garden At the back of my house

12) i see myself happily married with the guy Ive always love and never stop falling for him everyday with the support of my wonderful family and friends plus having a balance financial that is enough to survive and living happily ever after 🙂 
Things can be out of the plan but as a muslim, i believe in qada’ and qadar which is everything has been planned out by the AlMighty and indeed, that will always be the best for us. I am beyond grateful and thankful for what I have now because i feel enough and contented. I could not wish for more except to pray for the best ahead. Amin


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