Take You Higher

listing all my 23 wishes while playing take you higher on playlist hehe

Happy birthday natasha! Suprisingly the first person to wish me is …. Ame or Andi Chusnul Amelia Rinaldi! My sister from another mother, then Erico Bonaparte! My longgg lost brother third is Diana Omega Pamudji, fourth is Acintydewi Swastinitya! She cam into my room and we did #dontjudgechallenge haha. Fifth one goes to my makassar family! Iffah, Cia, Ririe and ze boysss. Sixth – Syazzana Naziera and Luqman Arif came at 7th place which was at first i wanted to merajuk because he forgot. Rawrr! Mama came at 8th with Ku and Ayin and Kak emi. I realised as you get older, people tend to forget your birthday.. Cuz i remember how blast it will be when i was in high school and primary too. Probably we have somany priorities   in life as well as responsibilities, so no sweat. I understood 🙂 

So here are my wishes I will try my best to complete it within a year. Amin

1) pray harder

2) Tooth Fairy Project!! At least 1k follower on instagram

3) complete my clinical year

4) build stronger influence and community on linkedin regarding dental health education

5) work smarter! Never ever give up and stay organize, plan everything according to their level of priority! 

6) share all the knowledge, never keep them for myself

7) always search, find, never judge, never assume and accept every little-st, tiniest new knowledge ive learn everyday. 

8) inhale love, exhale hate. Avoid bad thoughts and evil judgement on others. Always count the blessing you have

9) help mama with her business

10) be a better muslimah. Try to read an islamic article everyday, open al quran if theres any doubt. Do not easily trust media

11) travel to lombok and kalimantan

12) include dua’s for mama and ku in every prayers

13) sabar, sabar, sabar. Wudhu when losing the self control. Zikir when the heart feels empty

14) never bother what others judge. Hate the sin not sinner

15) piggy bank for wedding and a house 

16) smile. Always smile.

17) be more punctual 

18) be positive, never believe in karma but try to learn ‘ibrah’ from the karma itself

19) learn to cook new dishes and piping technique for cakes and muffin and sew my own clothes or blanket

20) be a damn good EDM DJ hahaha

21) build good relationship with everyone

22) be a good lover hehe 

23) make others happy, inspire everyone, be inspired and create something inspirational!


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