April fool! 

Nothing much april fool but so far life is kindda fooling me around when i got shouted from my doctor…. For some reason.. Which is unacceptable. Its okay she has the right to do so and i forgive her! 
Went to galaxy mall with my kosmate (sororitymate/hostelmate) and planning nak tgk Faith Anna Waters apa bnd tah dengan niat nya sampai nak belanja dia because not many wants to watch horror movies so i had to drag her. Unfortunately, the movie wasnt at the cinema yet… Baru plan nak nonton sam sama (indirectly) dengan Mr luctensity. Sedih gilak. Then we went to bazaar, checking out food etc. tapi tak ada apa. Akhir sekali makan steak at Ranch market. Oh! And i wore my new shoe! Weeeee. 
Thats all for today. 

Muka sedih tak dapat tgk movie

Acin was trying out new lipstick! From Wardah.

Th result! Nice right?!

Mine is from wardah too! 👄👄

Le new shoess

Bought churros for dessert

Chocolate filled churros dip with caramel sauce. Talk about diabetes and DIET. Ha ha ha


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