Night and day

They say pain changes people. I couldnt agree more to that. I tried not to blame pasts that recently came and greet me again. But really, it changes me. It changed how i look at people, how i treat them and how i think about them. 
Its not that I can no longer think of their kindness or wtv, i no longer depend on them. Especially in finding my true happiness. After what ive gone through for the past 2 years (almost) i learn how to walk by myself and even backpacking alone. 
I tried to look at the brighter side of everything. Im young, im curious, and a little confused but thats okay. Im still learning. Im trying to get away of these pasts that haunt me. Im trying to distract myself with games and hanging out with friends. I avoid telling them the truth – no. Im not being ignorant but for me, the more i say and think about it, the more it consume me. 

I need to get away. Again. But where? 


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