There are so many why’s going on nowadays.




why are you here?

why are you visiting my blog?

why are you reading this?

why are you smiling?


its human nature to be curious with stuff happening around us. Why? What? Where? When? How?

I think its impossible to say ‘i never judge anyone or anything?’

because our curiosity makes us think and assume and interpret things around us. Without us knowing, we are actually JUDGING!


But what makes us rational is when we try to understand everything we thought about. ANd even better, when try to see the positive side of it.


Everything has reason. Every question has its answer.


Someone who i knew, teach me to always think good, act kind and always be positive. I know i cant be that always. But i try. Because i will keep thinking about stuff when i have bad intention on it. Thats why, i dont have anyone i hate (so far). When i despise someone, ill keep myself away from it. I have more things to do and my brain has a small capacity of recycle bin. And that recycle bin is usefull when I unconsciously deleted some inportant ‘folders’.


Bad things always happen. And it keep flying and bugging your life. I cant forever run from it. Instead i just go abrakadabra and turn it into some flowers or chocolates ? Haha.


My life is already messy. Ive tried so hard to achieve some goals in my life. It took years actually..  I wont let some people or etc crash it in just a second with wtv intention they have.


You dont know the struggle.

To have him.



Oh well.

again, why are you here?


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