Uncontrollably Fond


i dont always watch kdramas and being obsessed with it. Especially with plots and story line. Except with the actors heheh. But for this, yes, as you can read the title ☝️ … It really got me. I love how it gave me such an impact on how love actually works.

As I grow older, i learned few things about love. And this uncontrollably fond drama has really made my eyes open on what love actually is.

at first, i felt hesitate to watch it because all my friends including Diana (shes a kdrama freak) gave bad reviews saying that the story full of twist and ‘ga jelas’. But kim woo bin makes me wanna watch it..  Until.. I cant stop at all!


The story is indeed full with twist. Different than other kdramas. Dont expect any romantic and sweet sweet scenes .. To be honest, boleh pecah otak.


Skip to the last episode. I cried. I cried when kim woo bin tells anyone on how happy he is when he is alive although he grow up in a very harsh environment and he wants everyone to be happy when he has gone.

I cried because this is how we should actually teach the audience about the reality of life. There isnt always rainbows and sunshines… Because most of kdramas end up happily ever after… Which is so inpossible sometimes…


however, this is what i learn from uncontrollably fond;


1) when you love a person, theres no greater than sacrifice. Scarifice to make them happy. I love how kim woo bin sacrifice himself so when he has gone, she can live happily without any grudges upon his father .

2) love requires effort. Love requires trust. I cried on 4th episode when kim woo bin begs on her so she wont leave him and wants her to trust him.  Back when they were still high schooler, he gave her teddy bear on their 100th days and still trying to make her fall in love with him although she keeps on pushing hin away

3) family first. Kim woo bin sacrifice his life by stealing the usb because he wants to protect his fathers pride. He loves his father eventhough his father left her mom when he was still in her moms womb

4) appreciate the person who loves you while they are still around. Dont wait until theyve gone or changed. Dont take things for granted. Human can always change because time is moving, environment constantly changing. We wont realise until everything has gone.

5)  always be thankful for what we have because what we see might not be the same like others. We see flaws, they see perfection.

6) life is hard. Life is tough. But theres always people who is going through much tougher than ours. We see them happy but perhaps they are dying inside.

7) reality is, some things might bot have a happy ending but it gives a perfect ending for others. Kim woo bin died in the end but everything goes perfectly as he wanted to be. What if he is not dying? What if he is still alive? Will he still fight for the right of his gf’s father? Will he found the truth about his father’s cunning family? Again, everything needs sacrifice. Its all about give and take.

8) lastly, never give up on the person we love most despite their weaknesses and past histories. i strongly love kim woo bins character on how he really show his love on his gf. He doesnt care about himself as long as he gets her. He knew shes the one and thats why he never give up loving her no matter how bumpy the road is.


Here are some of the quotes i love from the drama

1) “Im good at waiting. Whether its 100 or 1000 times. I know i can wait. What i fear most is one day i might not have to wait anymore”

2) if you cant seduce me, ill seduce you

3) id scarifice the rest of my life just to make her happy

4) can you give me a job as your wife?

5) the one who loves more is the weak one and never get tired of being hurt

6) you have a big heart. You deserve a person with big heart too. Dont worry God is listening.


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