Have you ever love someone till you cant stop thinking about them when you try to do something bad?


I do.

After me and indri got something for dinner, we plan to do something naughty. Something that ive stopped doing it. Until now i cant believe with myself as i say no because i thought of LA.

I know my pasts kindda bad. I dont wanna add it more. He is just too good to be true and me? Im beyond perfect. Im trying my best to be the best for him. And because of that I cant sleep. Because, ive never felt this deep.


i mean. I felt so guilty and i keep thinking about it. Can i be with him?


He is just perfect.

In sorry. Im still trying to fix myself and become better.

I have always grateful for the fact that you still stay. Never betray my love, trust and loyalty.

thank you.


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