im gonna write this down so if theres a time i truly mad at him or hate him, would probably read this back and remind me how much i love him.


1) i remember the first time i saw him in DU. 1st day of orientation. Remember natasha, how strong the feeling was

2)  he was so ‘detail’ as in i fell in love withhis personality as he set his own time during the ice breaking session

3) i love how his face will turn red when he got mad or excited. Especially watching him debate :p

4) i love how he always remind me to not talk about otherpeople or think bad about them..

5) i know he loves me. He has his own way of showing it

6) he always be the water to my fire. He never fights back. He waited for me to cool down before he talks about it (- although i hate when he is not talking)

7) i love how he try to impress my mother. Especially makan laksa and habis kan laksa

8) i love the wayhe help us out at the airport and at unimas. He showed us that we can actually rely on him cuz he knw what to do

9) i love to see how obedient he is towards hos parents :’)

10) i know he tried his best to drink up the chatime althought it was very sweet because it was my treat so he felt terrible if he dint take it.

11) he tried his best to not make things awkward because he never go out with girls before (as in dating or just two of them)

12) he doesnt know what to reply but still he try to…. i know and i hope he realise that everytime i ended up our chat is because i was kesian …. tatau nak balas apa juga 😭😭

13) i dont wanna change him but i expect him to be better.

14) he try his best to open up with me and he is improving


dear natasha,

at times you gotta be more patience with him. It takes time.. and keep learning about him. Love all these little stuff about him and everytime you feel broken, reread this back and remember those wonderful moments.. you love him so much. Dint give up in fighting this relationship 💪


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